Our Founders
Our Founders

Our Founders

"Our Founders" were instrumental along with their spouses in founding our esteemed organization and building it through the challenging initial years. We sincerely thank many of our seniors for sharing their comments, providing detailed information and supporting documentation. Even though these critical events happened nearly 45 years back, interestingly, most of the various narrative and documentation available matches closely. We all know that many more leaders have led us after the initial years and contributed to the organization to bring it to the current level, But this list is specifically focused on recognizing the set of people who came up with the vision and provided the leadership in the critical initial years - until VSNA stabilized from its initial shaky beginnings.

Dr. Gurunanjappa Bale
Dr. Honnappa Siddalingaiah
Dr. Gangadhara Kore
Dr. Linga Raju
Mr. Guruswamy Ayya
Dr. Somashekara Munavalli
Dr. Rajashekara Koosappa
Dr. Veeresh Patil
Ms Vimala Channabasappa
Dr. Sarojini Ullagaddi
Ms. Saraswati CB Hiremath
Dr. Mahadev Kumbara