Veerashaiva Samaja of North America
Veerashaiva Samaja of North America

Veerashaiva Samaja of North America

VSNA Georgia is hosting VSNA 46th Convention at Atlanta, GA from July 1st to 3rd, 2023. For all the convention relation information, please visit VSNA Georgia website by following link:

For registering to the VSNA 46th Convention, please visit the Registration Page of VSNA Georgia website by following the link

VSNA Officers Elected 2023-2024



Mail-in Ballot Process & Timeline:


Candidates Contesting VSNA Elections 2023-2024

A Sample Ballot (mailed to member address on record)


Bio of Candidates Contesting

The following Candidates did not submit their Bios who are contesting for following Posts:

Mrs. Latha Shivashankar, FL - For Elected BOD

Mr. Dilip Shivanna, GA - For Elected BOD

Mr. Annappa Metgud, PA - For VSNA Secretary

Mr. Siddaramanna Tumkur, PA - For VSNA President

Mr. Thej Kartal, MI - For BOR

Bio of Candidates Unopposed

We have received the following information from the Election Committee 2023-2024 with a direction to share the information with our general membership via our communication channels.

All the Life Members and Annual Members as of July 31st 2022, please kindly update your current Mailing Address for the Election Purposes using the Formstack Link provided below. Last Date for this urgent action is Sunday, Oct 16th 2022, 10PM EST.

Dear  VSNA Life and Annual Member

We are preparing the ballots for the upcoming elections and need to confirm every members updating contact information.

Please CLICK HERE and complete the form by Sunday October 16th @10pm EST (sample of the form is given below this notification). If you have any questions please let me know


Ravishankar Bhooplapur, Chairman, Roopa Guddimath & Naveen Kumar Hanuman, Members of the Committee


Hiriyarige Namana, VSNA Past Presidents
Sthapakara Namana, VSNA Founders

***Previous VSNA Events Information***

Ajnatha Sharanarige Dedication, VSNA 45th Sharana Samanvaya Convention 2022
Sharanara Aikyastalagalu, VSNA 45th Sharana Samanvaya Convention 2022

VSNA 44th Samanvaya Convention

Click the Book Mark link below to take you directly to "Upcoming live streams" page of VSNA All Chapters YouTube Channel:


Ajnatha Sharanaru



International Basava Jayanti 2021

Thank you to all who joined us for International Basava Jayanti 2021 celebrated on Saturday, May 15th 2021 (morning and evening sessions). We honor all those who helped put this monumental event together.

Maha Shivaratri (Dedicated to Akkamahadevi) March 20th 2021

About Us

The VSNA is a non-profit, tax-exempt, charitable, spiritual organization (US Tax Exempt ID# 51-0245255) in the USA & Canada, dedicated to the preservation, protection, and propagation of way of life depicted by Basaveshwara and his contemporaries. Veerashaiva Samaja of North America (VSNA) was founded in 1978 by Asian Indian immigrants of USA and Canada. Started off on a small scale, VSNA now has 21 chapters spread across USA and Canada and includes 285 life-members and 2000 families who participate in local chapter activities. The VSNA’s mission is succinctly stated in its preamble to its constitution. VSNA operates in the framework of its constitution which was framed in 1979 and amended from time to time. At its central level, the organization operates via two major branches – the Board of Directors (BoD) and the Board of Regents (BoR). VSNA consists of 21 local chapters where most activities occur. The chapter members participate in year-round programs with activities comprising of vachana recitals, spiritual disclosures, performing istalinga-puja, performing kayaka and dasoha (charity work), and conduct Anubhava Gosti. The Central VSNA also organizes an annual convention where more than 600 members gather to celebrate and learn the philosophy of Basaveshwara and contemporary sharanas. Please browse through the contents of this site to gain an understanding of the organization and how you can be part of it.