Membership Benefits

  • Create awareness within family, especially the youth the values of Basava Philosophy
  • Eligibility to vote and contest for the VSNA elections
  • Eligibility for VSNA yearly scholarship
  • Eligibility for annual VSNA award
  • Tax deduction on contributions to VSNA and other charitable organizations via VSNA
  • Availability of religious material (books / CDS etc) in both English and Kannada
  • Networking among professionals
  • Assistance to new immigrants and visitors (like parents/relatives)
  • Assistance to new entrepreneurs
  • Religious ceremonies during special family occasions (birth / marriages / deaths etc)
  • Matrimonial services

How Members Can Help

  • Active involvement in local chapter
  • Active involvement in central VSNA
  • Contribution to the quarterly news letters (articles / advertisements)
  • Involvement in various programs (see below)
  • Participation and volunteering in various activities (see below)
  • Fund raising for charitable purposes (tsunami, Katrina etc)
  • Special interest groups (dramas, dances etc)

Activities within VSNA

Each of the VSNA chapter members are involved in many activities at regular intervals. The main focus of each of these activities is to educate the young Veerashaivas of the future generation of their rich religious heritage. The other focus is to practice and continue Veerashaivism among ourselves. Some of the activites are :

  • Performing Istalinga pooja
  • Reading and interpreting Vachanas
  • Educating life and work of the 12th century devotees
  • Important festivals performed by Veershaivas (Shivaratri, Basava Jayanthi etc)
  • Creating awareness about the history behind these festivals.
  • Yoga workshops
  • Kids activities
  • Youth activities

Apart from the above mentioned activities, VSNA hosts conventions every year at a pre-planned location. This is a big gathering of all VSNA members throughout North America.

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