First and foremost, the Samaja is our organization. It is our solemn duty to support our institution. Our strength lies in our unity, the unity of the followers of the philosophy of Basavanna and his contemporary sharanas who stood of universal brotherhood. Let us remember that we a part of the VSNA and the VSNA is a part of us. It is our duty to preserve and propagate the spiritual heritage that we inherited.

Your life membership dues go a long way. According to the constitution the VSNA cannot touch the life membership donation. However, it can use the interest it generates to cover administrative expenses including the cost of production and mailing of the newsletter. Your help goes a long way and enables us to help you in return. The following are additional reasons to become Life Members of the VSNA: 

  1. It gives a sense of belonging in this alien land.
  2. It provides a sense of sharing and caring.
  3. It gives our children a feeling of friendship and kinship.
  4. It comforts us by letting us know that we care for our Veerashaiva brethren.
  5. It inculcates in our children’s mind the value of the Dasoha principle.
  6. It creates a sense of pride about our way of life, legacy and heritage.
  7. It gives our off-springs a sense of social identity.
  8. It gives us the confidence that the VSNA is with us through thick and thin.
  9. It provides solace and comfort in times of need and hurting.
  10. Its’ Annual Conventions give us a feeling of friendship and fellowship.
  11. It brings to our doors the news of our brethren spread across the subcontinent.
  12. It provides opportunities for matrimonial relationships.
  13. It furnishes all VSNA publications free of costs to life members.
  14. It sends a convention souvenir to all the life members.


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