Minutes of BOR meeting held on 1/8/2017

Attendees: Laxmi Hiremath, Dada Patil, Uma Sajjan, Shylendra Kumar, Jayashree Jagadish, Rohini Mensinkai, Yuvraj Patil, Irappa Arabhavi

1. BOR members and outgoing chair Laxmi Hiremath welcomed new BOR members, Irappa Arabhavi and Yuvraj Patil

2. Laxmi Hiremath completed her 4 year term and the team congratulated on her accomplishments as BOR chair.

3. Two BOR members, Dada Patil and Shylendra Kumar self-nominated for BOR chair and provided a brief description of their credentials and what they would like to do for VSNA during their term as BOR chair.

4. Rest of the BOR members casted their votes. Dada Patil received 4 out 5 votes and Shylendra Kumar received one vote.

5. Dada Patil will serve as new BOR Chair for the next years

6. BOR members under the leadership of Dada Patil discussed about updating list of VSNA Life members.

7. Irappa Arabhavi will work with BOD members to update the list of Life members.

BOR Meeting Minutes 2/12/2017


  1. Shylendra Kumar,
  2. Uma Sajjan
  3. Irappa Irabhavi
  4. Jayashree Jagadish
  5. Dada Patil
  6. Yuvaraj Patil


  1. Rohini Mensinkai

Minutes by Yuvaraj Patil


  1. Vachana recital 
  2. BOD Update
  3. Long term solution for hosting convention
  4. Approval of previous minutes

BOD Update:

VSNA Convention 2017:

  1. North California chapter ruled out
  2. Texas chapter: Youth Convention
    1. Prabhu Patil, Jyoti Hattaraki
    2. Vidya ruled out
  3. NC Chapeter volunteered. Wednesday they will confirm

They have requested ful support for BOR and BOD members.

Host chapter would do legwork. Youth members are excited to the program.

Who would be raising funds?

  1. Convention trust fund to fund youth convention, 18-20K.
  2. Hotel and traveling expenses.

BOR needs to investigate long term solution for hosting convention.

  1. [Irappa] Why are we going in order? open it up for all chapters.
  2. [Shylendra] We need to give sufficient notice, 2-years heads-up.
  3. [Irappa] We need to send survey to all members to seek an opinion about 2-year proposal. Shylendra endorsed this idea.
  4. [Dada] Next two years are determined, agreed Chicago and Detroit confirmed.
  5. [Jayshree] Toronto 2020. 2021, check with other chapters. Who's action item? It is BOD's action item.Dada to confirm.
  6. [Yuvaraj] How about every other year?
  7. [Jayashree] Favours idea about every other year, every other one year for youth members and one year for adult members. 
  8. [Uma] Proposed idea to explore temple, other members were not in favor of this idea.
  9. [Action item] Prepare on page long term proposal.
    1. Discussion followed [All]:
      1. Every other year full convention is favored idea by all attendees to the meeting.
      2. Open it up for all chapters, not go in rund robin fashion.
      3. Secure number of chapters and line them up..
      4. Why do we have to subsidize? This issue was discussed at lentgh, consensus is along these lines:
        1. Recommendation: Guided registration price   $200/person, $100/child. Host chapter can adjust to lower end by raising additional funds from donations and by selling ads/promotions.
      5. Improve the quality of the program to attract young and adults
        1. Next meeting topic

VSNA communication and members needs to be improved.

  1. [Shylendra] Do we have complete list of emails ids? Discussion followed.
  2. There is no proper record keeping for VSNA members. Regular emails.
  3. [Dada] [Aaction Item] To check with BOD what kind of software they use for email communication.

Membership information (postponed for thenext meeting:

  1. Life membership update, central VSNA
  2. Local chapter membership update later on.

Next meeting: March 12th

Previous meeting minutes:

Proposed to be accepted as written by Uma Sajjan. Prpopsed by Jayashree

Seconded by Yuvaraj

Yuvaraj Patil