Dr. Honnappa Siddalingiah and Mrs. Vimala Siddalingiah received the VSNA lifetime achievement award at the annual VSNA convention held at Boston, MA, on July 2-3, 2011.
Veerashaiva Samaja of North America
Maryland Chapter

Ganesha festival Meeting Minutes

September 20, 2011

The members of the VSNA-MD  Chapter celebrated the Gowri-Ganesha festival at the new residence of Dr. (Smt.) Shankaramma and Shri Shivaprasad in Clarksburg, on Saturday, the 10th September 2011. Many thanks to Dr. (Smt.) Shankaramma, Shri Shivaprasad, and their daughter Smt. Nityashree and her husband Shri Manju Prasad for hosting this auspicious event and for their warm hospitality. We wished them happiness, health, and prosperity in their new residence.
The event was very well attended by honoring personal invitation received from the hosts. The program started on time as scheduled with light refreshments followed by invocation by Chintan Prasad praising Lord Ganesha, appropriate for the occasion. The elegant emcees, Divya Katti and Saanika Mahashetty welcomed the guests, followed by a formal welcome to all members by the president, Dr. Jagadeesh. As a customary ritual, children and adults performed linga pooja under the guidance of Smt. Sulochana Ayya. This was followed by group singing of prayer songs. Shivani Mattikalli enlightened us on the message conveyed by the image of Lord Ganesha; the two unlikely animals (the elephant and the mouse) placed together indicating the importance of tolerance and coexistence. The concept was illustrated by a vachana:
`ivanárava, ivanárava, ivanárava'nendenisadirayyá,
`iva nammava, iva nammava, iva nammava'nendenisayyá.
nimma maneya maganendenisayyá!
The article was written by Shri Guruswamy Ayya.
Encouraged by our discussion on ‘ENVIRONMENTALISM IN THE VACHANAS’ (vachanagalalli parisarada preeti) at the last Ugaadi meeting (April 22, 2011), we continued with the same theme. We began discussion on environmental consciousness of Sharanas. A copy of the document is available at the VSNA-MD yahoo group for reference. Dr. Jagadeesh moderated the discussion. Each one took a turn in reading a paragraph from the discussion material. Saanika, Amith Raveesh, Sonum, Smt. Nityashree Manju Prasad, Ankit, and Trishul recited/sang the selected vachanas of Basaveshwaara, Akka Mahadevi and Dasarayya for the discussion. [The vachanas were: neeringe naidileyã shrungAra, ILe niMbe mAvu mAdalake, gaganada gumpa chandrama balludallade, giriyalallade hullumoraDiyalláDuvude navilu, uduri bILuvannakka ninna haMgu, sarvamaya ninna biMduvAdalli]  That was awesome and great! Shri Gurusway Ayya commented on Akka’s vachans. Dr. Siddalingaiah, as an endnote speaker, summarized the meaning of Darayya’s vachanas and comprehensively evaluated the vachanas in relation to our environment.
The religious segment concluded with mangalaarathi along with a melodious group song ‘jyothi belaguthide’.
Chapter business meeting: Members were informed of the upcoming 2012 VSNA annual convention. We discussed on membership to central VSNA and election of new office bearers for the Chapter at the next Deepavali meeting. Please come up with the names as the present committee term is ending on December 31, 2011.
The extravagant lunch, the fabulous weather, and the vibrant ambiance were all great. We profusely thanked the hosts Dr. (Smt.) Shankaramma and Shri Shivaprasad for a wonderful, delicious meal that included luscious Holige and a dozen sweets besides varieties of idlis. Over all, the program was well celebrated and deserved much applause from all of us! Hope to see you all in great numbers to celebrate Deepavali on November 5 at 5:30 pm. Please do not miss this event as we are going to nominate/elect a new executive committee.
Please welcome a new member to our group: Mr. Deepak Nelvigi.



Dr. G. Jagadeesh