Basava Jayanthi 2011

As yet another Basava Jayanthi comes up on May 6th, 2011, it is worthwhile noting that the ideologies and philosophy of Basavanna are so relevant and applicable in the 21st century. Nearly nine centuries later the preachings and way of life that Basavanna prescribed are applicable to all of humanity. It is worth reflecting on some of the fundamental principles that Basavanna set forth which include:
– Kayaka
– Dasoha
– Daya

Simply following these three principles as a way of life has a profound effect on society and our interactions with one another. Every capable person should work (Kayaka) and utilize the fruit of that labor for the betterment of those who are less fortunate. To serve (Dasoha) others creates a sense of satisfaction that is spiritual in nature. And lastly compassion (Daya); There is no religion without compassion (Dayave Dharmada Moolavayya). Compassion is the cornerstone of religion and spirituality.

There are many other social reforms that Basavanna brought about in the 12th century (middle ages). Let us consider at least the fundamental pillars of Lingayatism and way of life that Basavanna preached and practice that in our own lives. Living the ideals of Basavanna are the best form of celebrating his life.

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BOD and AGB meeting at the Toronto Convention

Dear BOD Members,

For those who did not attended the Toronto Convention, I’m glad to inform you that the Convention was a grand success. Most of the attendees enjoyed the cultural, religious, health, and business forums. The Keynote speakers, Ramzan Darga and Ravi Reddy ,and Swamiji’s speech, were thought provoking. Other entertaining events such as the music, drama, the live painting, and the dance programs were appealing. The food was plenty and delicious. (see below the congrats letter sent to the Chair,Yuvaraj patil on7/7/10).

In the BOD meeting on Saturday morning:

There were a lot of discussions and many decisions. Shiva will send the minutes and highlights of the meeting.

I would like to briefly mention a few important topics that were discussed:

1. The payment of the annual central VSNA membership dues and the donation to the convention from each chapter. After discussion, it was decided that the small chapter (with a family 10-20) will pay 250 dollars, medium sized chapter (21-50 families) will pay 500 dollars, and large chapters (51 and above) will pay 750 dollars every year to VSNA as membership dues and donations toward the convention.

Q1: Has the above payment format and details been communicated explicitly to all the VSNA chapters?
Given that many of the chapters have had elections and as a result new committees, I am not sure if everyone is aware of this decision and following it uniformly. Since the page is outdated, this information is buried in a blog entry.

Q2: Does the above decision require a change to the VSNA documents?


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